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The Fabrik, an IT company, specializes in tailor-made digital solutions, from web platform development to mobile app creation. In 2023, it revamped its identity and website with Elicla, highlighting its bespoke solutions for businesses of any size, using technologies like NodeJS, Express, and Anime.js for a secure, fast, and dynamic web presence.

The Fabrik is an IT company offering a wide range of custom digital solutions. Specializing in the development of web platforms, IT support, and the creation of mobile applications, The Fabrik positions itself as your ideal partner.

In 2023, The Fabrik enlisted Elicla for a complete overhaul of its graphic identity and website, thereby highlighting its ability to offer fully customized solutions, tailored to the diverse needs of businesses of all sizes.

The logo, simple, colorful, and easily adaptable, symbolizes with its layered and bracketed shapes the complexity of data and the core business of The Fabrik. The chosen colors, blue for trust and raspberry for energy, reflect the perfect balance between the dynamism of the company and the maturity of the solutions provided.

For the web portal, the decision was made to go with a static solution, chosen for its speed and security. The development was carried out using NodeJS and Express, with multilingual management provided by i18n and dynamic animations created using CSS and Anime.js, underscoring our commitment to efficient, accessible, and sustainable solutions.

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