Riz au lait de Charlotte

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Riz au lait de Charlotte





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Because of the Covid-19 restrictions, Charlotte had this great idea to cook delicious homemade milk rice for her family, friends and neighbours. Started as small side project, her new business growed fast and more and more people were interested in tasting this simple, yet delicious milk rice. We worked together to give her business a new visual identity.

The milk rice was homemade, local and with nature-friendly organic rice. In addition to the three grains of rice with a shape of leave, the grunge texture and the font give the logo a more natural and organic look.

I created some flyers that draw attention to the infinite possibilities to enhance the milk rice and make it even more delicious.

Below, an example of the two Facebook sponsored posts I created to boost her local business.

Finally, I applied the identity to other objects like bags, pin's and banners.

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