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The Brussels-based law firm Ratio & Oratio offers legal services in administrative and employment law. The firm's lawyers specialise in areas such as institutional law, town planning, environment, public procurement, and issues relating to dismissal, harassment and discrimination in the workplace. They are available for advice and training, ensuring maximum flexibility and responsiveness for their clients. The firm called on Elicla to refresh its visual identity and website.


Logo and colors

For the logo, we chose a serif typeface, accentuating the curves for an elegant, harmonious style. The Greek column evokes antiquity and justice, while the plant integrated into the R adds fluidity and continuity. This design combines a classic and modern style, minimalist in its curves and monogram. The complementary colours reinforce the image: gold for elegance, and blue for confidence and professionalism. Ratio & Oratio has positioned itself as a reference firm in its field.




The firm's website was installed on the Wordpress.com platform. With a large number of articles already written, excellent referencing and ease of use, the client didn't want to move to anything else. We therefore upgraded their old site to a more modern design, while retaining the existing content.

Multiple screens of a website

A whole visual identity

We also designed a complete graphic charter and distinctive visuals. Every element, from the monogram to the gold and blue colours, was carefully selected to reflect the elegance, confidence and professionalism of the firm. We integrated classic references with modern touches to create a strong, striking visual identity. Our designs enhance the visual consistency of the brand, reinforcing Ratio & Oratio's reputation as a reference law firm.

Book open with blue and gold colors Pen, business cards and folder Lady justice next to a blue rectangle with a gold logo Lawyers next to a blue rectangle with a gold logo

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