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Orso Editions is a new publishing house in the North of France, with a wide variety of books, especially for children. We worked together to create a brand identity reflecting the children's dreams and imagination. We made it not too childish as the house plans to publish books for adults too.

For the logo, the client wanted a dog ("Orso"). The dog had to be friendly with floppy ears and kind of dreaming. The values associated with the logo and the dog are "expression", "discovery" and "thinking".

Logo of a blue dog with papers falling Logo of a dog with papers falling on grey background Animation of a logo

We can simplify the logo and use it for the different book collections.

Graphic charter with 5 colors (blue, salmon, grey, green, yellow)

For the graphic charter, the two main colors are blue and salmon along with three other colors that will be used occasionally.

Graphic charter with 5 colors (blue, salmon, grey, green, yellow)

The business cards are simple yet recognizable. The name "Orso" is simplified in "O." which will be later used as a tag for the future collections like for example "O. Adventure", "O. Children", etc...

Business cards of Orso Editions with blue as the main color

The client also asked for a website to show all the books details and to allow visitors to buy physical and digital products.

Website showcase
Horizontal banner with a blue dog

In addition to the branding, I created other visuals like these stickers below for the front of their offices.

Sticker of a dog on the front window of an office

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