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Gravity Holds is a rock climbing brand making holds for indoor climbing. Thanks to the biggest climbing gym in Belgium (BeBloc), the owner Raphaël Kergen has a wonderful laboratory to experiment with different techniques and shapes but needed a new logo and website.

The logo had to be the name of the brand "Gravity Holds". When they push the limits ever further, the climbers have to beat the gravity that holds them to the surface of the Earth. Therefore, the logo needed to strongly refer to this physical phenomenon present everywhere in the climbing world.

Grey logo on grey background. Gravity with an apple falling. White logo on a blue background Red and blue logo on a grey background

Below is a preview of what the logo on climbing holds looks like.

Blue climbing hold Purple climbing hold

I also quickly built a responsive website (2 days) with a simple but functional layout on Wix. The client can easily show his climbing holds collections thanks to dynamic data and my custom code.

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