Nature has 5G already ! Enjoy !

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5G networks promise fast speeds and better connectivity everywhere to consume always more digital content. Do we always need faster speeds ? Is it really going to improve our lives ? I can't deny that stronger networks capabilities will benefit many sectors, but I'm also afraid that it will make us more and more dependant from the "all-connected" world. And I'm not talking about the potentially harmful effects of these 5G waves on our health and the environment.

Via the 5 posters below, I wanted to focus our attention on what nature has to offer for free. I picked up 5 french words starting with the letter "G", each one of them representing a strength of nature. To make the message even stronger, I used the same visual model of a telecom company.

White swan starting to fly Sunset in a green forest Girls playing in the waves At the top of a mountain with a white dog Strawberries on a green background

Poster in a bus stop showing a gril at the top of a mountain with a white dog
Poster in a bus stop showing girls playing in the waves

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