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Kine de le Court

Emilie de le Court is a physiotherapist in Kortenberg. To start her business, she needed to build her online presence with a dynamic new logo and website.

Chef Robin

Robin Harkay is a home chef and caterer offering an original and friendly culinary experience. He asked Elicla to design a small visual identity in order to quickly run his business.

Orso Editions

Orso Editions is a new publishing house in the North of France, with a wide variety of books, especially for children. We worked together to create a brand identity reflecting the children's dreams and imagination. We made it not too childish as the house plans to publish books for adults too.

Various Posters

Here are some simple posters we made for various needs.

Fotoclub Kortenberg

The new Kortenberg Photo Club asked us to make them a new logo with some variations and other simple visuals like business cards and bookmarks. The project is not yet validated.

Various Logos

Here are some logos we made for various clients. They are very different in shapes and colours and reflect well the diversity of needs among compagnies, startups and freelances.

Gravity Holds

Gravity Holds is a rock climbing brand making holds for indoor climbing. Thanks to the biggest climbing gym in Belgium (BeBloc), the owner Raphaël Kergen has a wonderful laboratory to experiment with different techniques and shapes but needed a new logo and website.


For more than fifteen years, Wondercar has been offering companies its “Smart Repair”, localized repairs on cars at low prices. The concept is now open to everyone. The company needed a new funny greeting card for 2020.

In Data Veritas

In Data Veritas provides expertise in the field of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Business Analysis since 2018. We worked together to create a new logo and business cards for the company.

Pierre's BBQ Corner

Pierre Hacha started 35 years ago as an importer and distributor of charcoal and other BBQ products. His culinary passion led him in 2003 to participate in Jamaica at the World BBQ Championship with a team of Belgian chefs. The group became World Champion in all categories and in 2008 Vice-World Champion & Belgian Champion.

To share his know-how and experience, he created "Pierre's BBQ Corner", a pleasant little corner to teach techniques and various BBQ recipes

Meat Bar

Meat Bar is a new restaurant in Brussels where you can eat the best meat. It's simple, if you like delicatessen and exceptional pieces of meat, well this is the place to be.
Our mission was to make a clean and simple logo with variations for stickers as well as choosing the colours for the new upcoming food brand.  |  +32 (0) 498 137 852

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